Tammy + Nick | Carmel By The Sea ElopementJanuary 28, 2014

A view from a home before a wedding in Carmel, CA. carmel-wedding-couple2 shiny wedding shoes A Rolls Royce and a bouquet in Carmel, CA Mother and daughter pre wedding A beach wedding in Carmel,CA Family together for a beach elopement at Carmel By the Sea, CA A couple elope at Carmel-by-the-Sea A family laugh at a wedding in Carmel, CA A couple kiss after their wedding vows in Carmel,CA A newlywed couple at Carmel, CA A couple hold a small wedding ceremony at Carmel,CA Christopher's Restaurant in Carmel, CA Rolls-Royce-Carmel-by-the-sea carmel-wedding-cupcakes Wedding reception at Christopher's Restaurant in Carmel by the Sea carmel-wedding-family A toast at a small wedding at Christopher's Restaurant in Carmel by the Sea carmel-wedding-food TammyNick-22 carmel-wedding-son A girl with a polaroid camera at a wedding in Carmel A couple depart from their wedding ceremony in a rolls royce in Carmel, CA

When Tammy’s son, Justin, called me up and commissioned me to be the wedding photographer for his mother’s wedding, I knew immediately this was a serendipitous moment. It was obvious that he and his brother and sister cared a great deal for their mother, and wanted to surprise her and Nick with a wedding photographer. The way these kids felt about heir mother was inspiring, and I was beyond flattered they chose me. It was a very intimate wedding at Carmel By The Sea, followed by a lovely reception dinner at Christopher’s Restaurant in town. From the beginning of the day, the whole family welcomed me and made me feel like I was one of their own. I was in awe of the bond this family had, and I left with the feeling that I wanted to create more of a bond like theirs with my own family. With small, intimate weddings like this, I am reminded how much I love to do what I do. To be able to document love and family, I feel truly honored and privileged. It makes me very happy to be able to give the gift of photography to my clients.

Kristen Wood Photography
Fine Art Wedding Photographer
San Francisco, CA



  1. Love these. Dang. You are good.

  2. I love Carmel and this wedding! and you capture it SO beautifully! Love the colors and that car is just amazing! great job :)

  3. These pictures are drop dead gorgeous! Stunning job!

  4. So beautiful. Love all the joy here! And that car!!!!

  5. I love these photos so much! What a beautiful couple (love her dress!) and all of the details are just gorgeous!

  6. Oh my word! I am in love with these! They both look SO excited and what a gorgeous day for two that look so in love!

  7. Beautiful set of photos and like you, I love small intimate weddings where the bonds between those present can be felt and seen. Lovely.

  8. Kristen I am continuously blown away by your work! This wedding is just gorgeous and you photographed it so beautifully. I love your vision and eye for creativity!

  9. LOVE this. Love your colors and all the joy you captured in this set!

  10. What a beautiful and intimate affair, I can see the love in this family through your pictures, you did such a good job of capturing their bond…

  11. This is PERFECT in every single way. Love these photos!

  12. Seriously sweet wedding! I love the intimacy and the closeness you captured. Amazing work. I love the portraits and that group hug!

  13. Perfection Kristen. I feel like I was there! I love the joy that’s so evident in this day as well. BEAUTIFUL.

  14. I love how intimate this wedding is! You really captured the essence of this wedding! Lovely!!

  15. These beach sessions make me soooo sad at what’s outside my window right now (sub zero temps and snow in case you were wondering lol) But seriously this wedding photography is so simple and sweet – the colors and the intimate feeling to the photos is awesome!

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