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Pregnancy is a sacred time for a woman. There is something incredibly beautiful and vulnerable about being photographed during pregnancy. I love love love photographing maternity sessions, especially when they take place outside in the gorgeous sunset light. For me, photographing a maternity session is a great way to slow down and be present with my clients (who, in this case, both happen to be friends of mine). Jaime, who I met just over a year ago, is a fabulous photographer (and fellow Canadian), who also resides here in northern California. It was Jaime who first introduced me to the beauty surrounding the Livermore Valley- that is, the outskirts of that town that I had no idea were even there. The area boasts golden hills, sycamore and oak groves, and plenty of open space. It’s always a bit intimidating to photograph another professional photographer. However, Jaime and her husband Will are such lovely people that my nerves quickly dissipated— and soon we were on a roll. They were both pretty adventurous, tromping through the tall, grassy fields in the extreme heat (Livermore is HOT). Jaime held up exceptionally well, all things considered. I am so happy that Jaime and Will have these photos to remember this time— before the diapers and the sleepless nights— when it was just the two of them awaiting their new addition to their little family. Jaime has already told me she has some of her favorites hanging up in her house—and anyone who knows me understands that I am a huge advocate for printing your photos, so I loved to hear that! Thank you, Jaime and Will, for opening your hearts to me.

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  1. Kristen, you make me tear up! So great to know another fellow Canadian in our area who is passionate about motherhood, the outdoors, and glorious printed photographs! If anyone reading this is considering hiring Kristen for a shoot, don’t hesitate–just book. Her warm personality and beautiful work will leave you wanting to re-hire her again and again. Thanks for these lovely photos that remind me of the beauty of my pregnancy and not how miserable I felt! –Jaime

  2. Wow, these pictures look amazing, you two are a gorgeous couple!

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